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IEARN is the International Education And Resource Network

iEARN engages young people worldwide  in respectful dialogue and collaborative action collaboration to meet challenges of our world , making meaningful contributions to the health and welfare of the planet and its people.

Since 1988, iEARN has pioneered the use of the Internet and other innovative technologies to engage youth from over 130 countries in collaborative project-based learning to address curriculum subjects and take action on global issues using the internet and digital media.

IEARN provides the opportunity to collaborate with 40,000 Educators, 2 million youth from 130 countries in 30 languages.

IEARN’s vision in Nigeria is to stimulate and nurture a population of new leadership who are principle-driven and service-oriented. A population of people who have the capacity of providing fresh insight to multiple challenges of community organizing, environment, poverty and health. iEARN-Nigeria has created SchoolNet Nigeria, in collaboration with the Educational Trust Fund and Ministry of Education.

iEARN-Nigeria is presently working with hundreds of schools & related institutions in projects that help build character and personal leadership in children, adolescents and youth.  iEARN-Nigeria is leading a national drive for training trainers, professional development of teachers/ educators and curriculum development (for ICTs in secondary education) thus preparing the country for true education in the 21st century.

IEARN Nigeria will also be available through the SchoolNet Nigeria commons, sharing best practices, discussing specific issues that affect or impact collaborative learning in Nigerian, and showcasing various  collaborative pojects involving our schools.

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